Jon Divens - Film Producer With Rocket Media

California, CA 90210
United States

Here Jon Divens has produced a number of movies over the years. He is best known for having worked on the Blade film franchise, and his other work includes House of Grimm, Teenage Paparazzo, and My Wife and Kids. He also serves as chairman and CEO of Aubrey Divens Media, Inc., and serves concurrently as co-founder, Watch Now Inc. Jon A Divens has the experience that goes well beyond the camera. Over the past 12 years, Jon A. Divens has overseen more than 100 hours of programming. He has produced and executive-produced a number of critically acclaimed films and TV shows, including House of Cards, Teenage Paparazzo, and Bath Salts II: The Demonization of Raphael. His company Rocket Media, Inc., is best known for its work on Blade and Blade II. You may have even seen his resume in print on any number of IMDB pages.
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