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Vedic Astrology We all know that our horoscope is based on the stars, but few of us know how. There are different schools of Vedic astrology, and each predicts different things about our fates. The Vedic astrologers can predict all of your various aspects of life, including your career, relationships, finances, and even your death.

The accuracy of Vedic Astrology depends on how the chart was cast, the time it was cast, and the individual’s personality. Many Vedic Astrologers will tell you different things about your life because they have different schools of thought, and some astrologers will give you different charts even if they are using the same system. In general, the planets are more accurate than the stars, but the stars can provide information as to where the planets will be. The planets are the stars, and the stars are the planets. So, in a sense, the stars and the planets are the same.

The stars and the planets are the same because they both orbit the center of the universe, the Sun. Most Vedic Astrologers agree on which signs, houses, sections, and aspects are most important in determining someone’s fate. In general, the more planets are associated with a given sign or house, the more accurate your prediction will be.

The placement of the planets in the chart will have a huge amount of influence on the accuracy of your forecast. Even if you were born with both a Sun and a Moon in conjunction, the planets in the 10th House of Destiny would not be as accurate as the ones in the Sun's House of Destiny. That's because Sun signs are the strongest indicators of your future, so the planets are there to correct the Sun sign.