Pep Pickleball

11625 Custer Road #110-287
Frisco, TX 75035
United States

PEP is much more than simply a pickleball paddle. It?s a go-getter?s paddle, produced with the highest standard of materials to help score more points and compete at the top level. With PEP, start each match with a strong edge and a style statement. PEP paddles for pickleball are ideal for females seeking to elevate their play by improving both power and accuracy to their play. PEP is a go-to paddle for beginners and pros alike. Its strong, sleek polypropylene core gives added power and stability with each shot. At 16 x 8 inches, this pickleball paddle offers more reach than standard length paddles. A contoured, sweat-proof tennis-grip handle gives comfort and helps ladies enjoy the perfect grip while playing.