Liberty Errand Service

614 Nashua Street, PMB 109
Milford, NH 03055
United States

Feeling Stressed?

Too much to do in too little time?

Do you feel like you’re forever cleaning and running errands, instead of truly enjoying life?

Let us help lighten your daily load with our amazing errand services and provide valuable relief to overwhelmed, on-the-go households.

Think of us as your personal errand service, ready to help with everything from walking the dog, watering the plants, waiting in line at the post office, and getting the car repaired.

A personal concierge can "buy back" your time and free you from the relentless errands that drain your precious off-work hours.

Outsource those errands to us, and we give you back big pieces of your life so you can enjoy life more.

Give us your list, and consider it done!



Liberty Phillips