Lian Flowers Flower deliveries in Ashkelon and the south

Liane Flowers invites you to be impressed by a rich and colorful world of floral designs that combines uncompromising professionalism, high skill and a great love for flowers for one perfect bouquet. We provide a selection of unique bouquets for every occasion and every purpose and offer the best services in the field including luxury bouquet design at another level, bridal bouquet design, sweet bouquet design, car decoration, flower deliveries, stage arrangements for events (exclusive animal-shaped arrangements in Israel), Powers box in all styles Dreamy (we have over 2000 styles), and more. The uncompromising professionalism, the unique accessories combined in the flower designs and our high sense of service make the difference! Visit the Facebook page and be impressed and we will be happy to be at your service.

Phone 077-210-3499