Lanwo Clothing Factory

3220 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DE 20020
United States

Lanwo has expanded from a modest warehouse of 80 square feet to a manufacturing workshop of 6300 square feet after more than 20 years of growth. From 5 tailors in the start, the company has grown to over 260 people now. From a single local market to an international market. Customers have praised our firm for its exceptional quality. Our factory offers a one-stop shop service. We have a skilled production team. Allow your manufacturing schedule to become more efficient and quicker. Allow your brand to get more attention.

We currently have a Sedex ISO9001 ,SGS ,TUV accreditation. Our company's key departments are as follows: production department, sample department, buying department, quality department, and trade department. Each department rigorously follows the production standards needed by the client for each customer with whom we operate, so that each product meets the criteria required by the customer. Our mission is to make our clients happy with our products and services. We want to preserve long-term relationships with our clients and to be a clothing supplier that can reassure them.

If you are ready to start your garment business, if you are looking for a professional garment factory, if you need to optimize your current supply chain, if you want to make your products more competitive, if you want to find a stable partner, if you want to spend the least amount of time developing your garment business, and if you want to find a responsible garment factory .Lanwo will definitely be a right decision.