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Kreativ Matka
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Website development
Impress in 8 seconds
Website is your identity in the digital ecosystem. The decision to choose you as a provider is taken today based on the impression your website leaves on the customer. Aligning web design with respect to buyer persona helps in maximize conversion rates to increase sales.
Keeping your goal in mind we create websites with the predefined customer journey. Our website development team uses technological integration to generate usability which reduces bounce rate i.e directly related to visitors screen time. Important website vitals:
a) Soothing color scheme
b) Seo friendly
c) Easy navigation
d) Bounce rate
Our development goal always remains to achieve 0% plagiarism for every website we design, write and deliver.

Search engine optimization
Make Google notice your website
Search engine optimization is the process of meeting customers where they are. Optimizing your websites for the right keyword helps you connect with your customers organically.

Social media marketing
Market to 2 billion+ customers
Social media is where the world is and marketing your presence is important for your business. Social media helps your company deliver stories to your ideal customers. Building a community on social media will act as a support system for your product or service.

Website development
The art of aligning
The visual appeal of your brand is considered to be the first-in-hand selling point. Humans are designed to see first, think second. Right brand color incites the customer perception and decisions. Branding helps you in consistent communication, recognition, and continuous recall. The goal of branding is to create an experience.
A brand is the most valuable asset of a business that needs attention, nurture and care like a baby. Branding is a perception of the company to represent value. Branding 4 important steps.
A) Define
B) Organize
C) Communicate
D) Consistency
At present digital brand building is focused on creating community-dependent brands. Community around brands improves the standards and the image of a brand. Seamless brand interaction creates targeted customer inflow.

Email marketing
Authentic and honest messaging works
4 billion email accounts in existence, which started as a communication medium have evolved for greater marketing purposes. An integrated email marketing strategy helps you build relationships with your consumers.

Online Reputation
This is crucial
Reviews influence 90% of consumers buying decisions today. Customer feedback is the strongest tool any business can have to impress new customers; online reputation is more about communication, information and managing feedback. Positive management impresses new and potential customers securing your brand’s future.