Kosher Certification in India | Kosher Food Certification

Orthodox Kosher Supervision
C-133 Pandav Nagar Akshardham New Delhi India

We have a team of best-qualified professionals to provide kosher certification / kosher supervision services in India and worldwide also, which is possible in their case at a reasonable price. Kosher certification is an Israeli certification that helps in making sure that food is produced under the supervision of kashruth laws and there are no added or artificial ingredients. The Israeli government makes sure that food sold in the country is kosher. Kosher certification and supervision also include ensuring that food is transported from one location to another without cross-contamination. Our Rabbi has great experience over 30 years and a good reputation of his name, in the field of Issuing Kosher certification according to the Law of Kashrut, and our Rabbi is an expert for kosher food industry and kosher ingredients. Under their guidance, we are certifying agency with an unbending inspection. We have our Head office in New Delhi India. We have good knowledge and also great experience in kosher food and ingredients with this we help manufacturers get the benefit of global kosher certification and thereby take benefit to enter their product in the kosher food market. In India, those who are doing export and looking for export from India and want to kosher certified and acquire kosher certification at the lowest price. We provide Kosher certificates at a reasonable/affordable price to Manufacturer to grow up their export business. Our teams are committed to proactive, responsive, and helpful service. We provide an Affordable Kosher Certificate at on reasonable price. We always help our new customer/company who just going to start an export business and want kosher certified.

Orthodox Kosher Supervision