Kin Lab | ICBC Active Rehab at Essentials of Athletics

2696 Nootka St #123
Vancouver, BC V5M 3M5

Monday to Saturday : 08:00 - 20:00, Sunday : Closed

The ICBC Rehab program gives you access to our exceptional teams of Vancouver kinesiologists. We also have massage therapists who will guide you through the recovery process at one of the locations for your choice of outdoor or indoor workouts. The program will be tailored uniquely to each client using the exclusive Kin Lab | ICBC Active Rehab at Essentials of Athletics approach. This allows for an efficient and practical approach to your recovery. Our clinical concepts are continuously enhanced through novel research, education and evaluation. We respect your time. We, therefore, work with you to get the timing that’s most convenient for you. Using modern technology to improve coordination, communication, and collaboration ensures you get back to your active life as soon as possible. Feel free to call us today at (604) 260-1522 for a consultation.