Kenza Creations

2E Dolphin House Cody Road Business Centre
London, LND E16 4TG
United Kingdom

Mon To Sun: 09:00 AM To 08:00 PM

Kenza Creations provide high-quality decoration services at competitive prices. They have the resources and manpower to handle the decor needs of any event, whether it is a corporate party, social gathering, birthday or wedding. Their team has an eye for detail and delivers bespoke decor solutions based on individualised preferences and needs. They have experience in providing aesthetically pleasing decor for Arabian, Asian and Nigerian weddings.

Shabu Miah
2E Dolphin House Cody Road Business Centre
London LND E16 4TG
United Kingdom
Kenza Creations is the go-to event and wedding decorator in the UK. They pay great attention to details and provide bespoke solutions to ensure that special events are exactly how they were dreamed. This company has a track record of planning and decorating Asian, Nigerian and African weddings. Their team has the expertise of handling a grand affair like, Indian weddings to a simple church-style wedding. They are also hired as decorators for birthday parties and bar mitzvahs.