Kasih Ibu Hospital

Jl. Teuku Umar No.120, Dauh Puri Kauh, Kec. Denpasar
Kota Denpasar, BA  80114


The Kasih Ibu Hospital Group has a reputation for providing effective and outstanding medical care in a modern environment. Over the past 30 years, our group has expanded to four different sites, making it the hospital with the widest reach in Bali. The group’s hospitals include: - Kasih Ibu Hospital Denpasar - Kasih Ibu Hospital Kedonganan - Kasih Ibu Hospital Saba - Kasih Ibu Hospital Tabanan. Each hospital has its own core competencies and specialities. They are all accredited under the National Hospital accreditation scheme (KARS).

Email: care@kih.co.id
Website: https://kih.co.id/en/home-3/