Jim Weinstein, MBA | Life and Career Counselor | Alexandria, VA

2405 Brentwood Pl
Alexandria, VA 22306
United States

Monday-Friday: 11am–8pm, Saturday: Closed, Sunday: 2–5pm

Are you unhappy with your career and in search of a change but don’t know what might make sense? Perhaps you need help in crafting a great resume, in learning how to effectively network, or in improving your interviewing skills. Maybe you’re seeking a raise or a promotion but lack of self-confidence is standing in the way of advancement. No matter your situation, I know I can help. As an advertising executive with 3 of America’s top agencies, as the leader of a nationally renowned not-for-profit, as a long-time licensed psychotherapist, and as a career counselor and life coach over the past 15 years, I offer wisdom and experience as a career coach to people from all walks of life. Contact me today for career coaching near Alexandria VA.