Jay Shetty Coaching

Jay Shetty Coaching
Anchor Rd
Stoke-on-Trent, LND ST3
United Kingdom

Jay Shetty Certification School is founded by Jay Shetty in 2020 with a vision to impact the lives of 1 Billion people. The Certification is based on Jay’s coaching framework including coaching theories, industry competencies, and international standards. The School offers courses on relationships, purpose, and happiness. Jay Shetty is serving the community of thousands of members in 140 countries and 100 cities globally. The program trains and empowers coaches facilitating transformations of millions of people worldwide. Jay Shetty Certification School is accredited by the Association for Coaching at the AACT level. Moreover, the Certification School is a member of the European Monitoring and Coaching Council. Apart from it, every training is accredited by TRACCERT Canada with CPD credits. It has also received individual student membership into the Association of Coaching and offers all associated member benefits and honors. Become a trained, certified, and accredited coach and discover the true meaning and purpose of our online courses. Explore our courses and book your online slots for online courses by becoming a member of the mission that drives a coach in you.