Jade Lauren Hypnotherapy

Jade Lauren Hypnotherapy
Orion House, 14 Barn Hill
Stamford, LIN PE9 2AE
United Kingdom

Mon-Sun 24 Hrs

Sleep-deprived? Stuck in life? Feeling low or anxious? Get the right advice to lead your life in a positive direction from a qualified and knowledgeable hypnotherapist and psychotherapist, Jade Lauren. Polite and friendly in nature, Jade creates a comfortable environment where you can open yourself without any barrier and tap into a state where you find answers to your problems. She listens to you carefully and conducts one-to-one sessions that make you feel good. So, whether you want to quit a bad habit or want to get rid of unrealistic phobias, Jade can help. Book your appointment now. We also offer online hypnotherapy sessions.