Ivy Kids Cypress Creek Lakes

Ivy Kids Cypress Creek Lakes
20627 Cypress Plaza Pkwy.
Cypress, TX 77433
United States

Healthy food leads to healthy minds. At Ivy Kids, all of our facilities are outfitted with commercial kitchens featuring chefs specifically trained to cook nutritious meals made with fresh ingredients for your children onsite.
Many of our teachers have obtained their Bachelors or Master’s degree. Ivy Kids also sponsors several teachers every semester to obtain their CDA credential. In addition, all of our teachers go through advanced, age-specific curriculum training and must be CPR, First Aid certified, and attend workshops and training throughout the year.
At Ivy Kids, your child’s safety is one of our top priorities. We incorporate multiple safety features into our facility.
We also have amazing summer camps. Join our annual epic summer of fun! Our curriculum IvyPrep is a Multiple Intelligence based curriculum developed from Harvard Professor Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory that every individual is gifted in different ways, and these intelligences are processed in different areas of the brain. We believe that each child has their own special genius. By tapping into their genius we can unlock their limitless potential.