Induction Sealing Machine

This is usually suitable for laboratory use and can cover caps measuring from 20mm to 120mm in diameter. The Induction Sealing Machine is small, portable, and easy to carry, but a sturdy machine can be used day and night on the table.
It is a process of hermetic sealing of containers with foam laminate foam heating. The diversity of the process lies in its complete process of contact with heat and sealing. Sealing is usually done with a number of layers including pulpboard, wax, aluminum foil, and a polymer layer. The polymer layer is usually compatible with container materials. The polymer is selected in such a way that the induction sealer is able to cover the container of the container with a completely hermetic method.
Safety is a top priority. And by importing, we ensure the content is secure and secure. Whether it’s medicine, sweet drinks, or delicious food, we’re here to protect you all. induction sealing is an important part of the product.
In package design, it is one of the most important components. The induction marker is used to protect the contents of the bottle from damage, leaks, long-term renewal, long shelf life, and to ensure theft.