Husqvarna Chainsaw Sharpener – Complete Guide August 2021 - Best Chainsaw Sharpener

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What is required to file the chain?
Certain chainsaw sharpening tools are required to keep the chain sharp, and these are round file, flat file, stump vise, and file gauge.

It should be noted that there should be different round files and gauges for different types of chains.

Filing angles
Depending on these angles, the cutters should be filed-

Side plate cutting angle
Top plate cutting angle
Depth gauge setting
File down angle
Different types of the chain have different angles, but the correct angles of the cutter can be restored by using a filing gauge. With this, there is no chance of getting a wrong angle, and thus, the result is always good.

What should be the frequency of filing of a chain?
Even if the chainsaw is not used to cut the objects that reduce its sharpness like rock, its sharpness reduces with time, and its chain becomes blunt.

If a chainsaw is used for a longer time in a day, the chain should be sharpened appropriately with a file every time the chainsaw is refueled. With a sharpened chainsaw, the work becomes more effective and precise.