How to get Pollution Board Certificate for Aluminum casting, rolling & annealing?

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The aluminium casting industry consists of various activities. Also, there are various other industries like agriculture, construction, automotive, culinary, health care, mining, etc. which include require products from this process. For example, the construction industry depends on aluminium casting in roofing, making windows and door handles, curtain walling, shop partitions etc.

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Other than casting, Aluminium rolling and annealing are also the major processes. Rolling of Aluminium involves transforming slabs of cast aluminium into a usable form for additional handling. A common example of this could be the manufacturing of cans and containers that are hugely used in the food industry for take-out orders. A final product like aluminium foil for food wrapping can also be produced with it. Industries like architecture also use the process of aluminium in manufacturing aluminium roofing, rain gutters, anti-skid flooring, siding panels, etc.
Annealing of aluminium is done to improve its malleability as it reduces the problem of cracking or fatiguing of the material. This decreases the stiffness of the material to make it usable and workable. In this process heat is the key element. The raw hard metal or aluminium is heated at such a high degree that the metal loses its character and converts into a flexible and usable shape of aluminium. Some of the industries which involve this process are the automobile, aerospace, and marine.

How to Start Aluminium Smelting, Casting, Annealing Business:

To start a business of aluminium casting need to be a very detailed and structured thoughtful process. There are various aspects that are important to take into account before starting the business. It is a kind of business that needs all your time, attention and a huge amount of money but the industry has scope for great profitability if there are proper as well as appropriate inputs in it. This business needs –
1. A good amount of start-up capital is needed, as the machines and equipment used in the processes are capital equipment and tend to be very costly. You can use your personal savings or you can approach investors with your business plan or you may take business loans from the Banks and other financial institutions.
2. A large space to set up your business where you will establish your factory and also office space for handling the necessary paper works.
3. Hiring a business expert will turn out to be a plus point for mapping your business plan. Their knowledge, experience, and expertise will help you in meeting your desired goals.
4. Knowledge of the licenses and certifications you will need to establish your business and how to apply for those licenses.
5. Getting the proper permissions and licenses first to establish and for smooth running of your business.
6. Purchase of cold chamber machines and hot chamber machines or gooseneck machines for this business. Before buying the machines, you must do proper research about the models of the machines through various knowledge resources.