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People from all across the country flock to California for its beautiful beaches and warm climate, and once they get here, many never want to leave. At Interim HealthCare of San Jose, we make it easier for local seniors to fully enjoy the passing years in the neighborhoods they love. If you have a loved one who lives in this area and needs in home care, or you live here and need assistance, we can help.

The primary goal of our home care professionals is to make every day better for the people in our care and their families. We accomplish this by addressing many of the most frustrating and distressing aspects of old age. Most seniors in the U.S. have a strong preference for staying in a familiar setting as they age over staying in assisted living facilities, but the onset of Alzheimer's disease or some physical limitation could make that option seem less feasible. Our home care assistance can make aging in place in their own home possible for those who may not have been safe on their own.