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HireKhan An Edge over Others HireKhan brings to you "First Time Online Manpower Ordering Facility". It is a genuine attempt to give a paradigm shift to the whole business scenario in the Business / People consulting realm. We at HireKhan are striving to change the way recruitment is done. Imagine Ordering Manpower or Outsourcing Manpower Online and the same is getting delivered on time like any commodity. That is what HireKhan is promising. With Innovative, Disruptive & Patented processes, HireKhan offers a global online platform for hiring and outsourcing Manpower & Projects making life easier both for Job Seekers as well as Employers. Change is inevitable. It is a catalyst to innovation, creativity and improvement Impact is what only matters. The business that combines those two will succeed and come what may. The world is changing swift. The big will not beat anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow Our intuition about the future is linear. But the reality of information technology is exponential and that makes a profound difference. It took 30 steps linearly. I got to 30. I take 30 stops exponentially. I got to a billion In today's world every business needs technology support to perform and grow. HireKhan® is a genuine attempt to give a paradigm shift to the whole Business Scenario in the Technology Business & People Consulting Room. We at HireKhan® are striving to change the way recruitment is done Imagine ordering manpower or outsourcing manpower online and the same is getting delivered on time like any commodity. That is what HireKhan® is promising with innovative, disruptive and patented processes. HireKhan® offers Global online platform of hiring and outsourcing manpower and projects making it easier both for job seekers as well as for employers. HireKhan® Package is being offered in international languages: English, Arabic, Spanish French German Italian Russian and Japanese. It has been awarded Highest Rated Certifications such as EVSSL, Norton and various others Our Business model to operate worldwide is through the Joint Venture Dealership model across countries. We provide Framework and Operational Support to our JV partners and they Execute and Market it We at HireKhan® embrace and uphold the highest standards of personal and professional ethics. honesty and trust. We treat everyone with uncompromising respect, civility and fairness. We believe in operational excellence through innovation and leadership at all levels
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Anim Akhtar Ali Khan
Lewes 19958
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HR Tech & Covid-19 Pandemic book is the crowning achievement which is achieved by our
team lead by me. It took 4 years to complete the Hirekhan.com product which is based on research and survey conducted with thousands of job seekers & employers worldwide based on the current functioning of the HR Industry and what they would love to see in the next big.COM pertaining to HR Tech. One of the most important aspects was to keep in mind, changing mindset of job seekers & other HR Tech platforms. The government policies, corporate data policy all were considered before the completion of Hirekhan.com. HireKhan will give credibility & equal opportunity to every human to find a job if the intent is there to work. Millions of job seekers can get job who have lost their jobs due to Covid-19 Pandemic. HireKhan is a genuine effort to bring all HR Tech platforms under one roof to make HR Tech- One World One Platform and make a difference to society through the enhancement of Job Ecosystem. HireKhan provides real-time updated profiles & use Artificial Intelligence to get candidates as per the job description.