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At Heuch, We're your all-in-one solution, a veritable Swiss army knife of controls, automation, electrical services, maintenance, services.

We offer a comprehensive range of products and services that cater to your every cooling need. From cool rooms and freezer rooms to dryers and dehumidifiers, to the more sophisticated controlled atmosphere storage, food harvest, and food storage facilities.

We provide -

- Top-end refrigeration equipment, rooms chambers & enclosures, water chillers & coolers, ice machines, and cooling systems.
- Specialised services like vacuum cooling, plant growth rooms, ripening rooms, and solar generators.
- An exceptional forte in food processing, engineered products, industrial solar, and defence sectors.
- A dedicated maintenance & servicing team, always ready to ensure your systems are running as cool as a cucumber.
- A unique focus on solar refrigeration, harmonising with nature to give you the best while caring for our shared home, the Earth.

So, whether you're in the food industry, defence, or looking for a bespoke solution for your business, remember this: At Heuch, we're not just about keeping things cool; we're about providing solutions that are as cool as they come!

Don't let your business sweat the small stuff, call us today!