Heating Without Fire

2793 Loker Ave West
Carlsbad, CA 92010
United States


Heating without Fire specializes in heating systems kits for catering service companies. The Heating Without Fire system is made of 3 components: EcoHeat Warmers, Support, and a Customizable Skirt. EcoHeat Warmers The heart of the heating system is our large, high temperature, air activated warmers. EcoHeat warmers are manufactured by Heat Factory® who have 35 years experience of manufacturing air activated warmers. Supports Using the American Made proprietary supports will allow you to get to the maximum temperature and duration of your EcoHeat warmers. Customizable Skirt Heating Without Fire patent pending American Made insulated skirt can be customized with your logo, or your customer's logo. Get your company and your customers' noticed; it's a great way to turn chafing dishes into brand ambassadors. The new technology of Heating without Fire prevents caterers or restaurant owners to use fire or water when keeping food heated for any type of events.

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