Heartful Diamonds

Heartful Diamonds
11407 SW Amu St, Suite #BD914
Tualatin, OR 97062
United States


Ask any diamond painting enthusiast to tell you about the time they received their first kit, and they'll tell you about how that moment was the turning point in their lives.
With a wistful look in their eyes they'll reminisce fondly about the fresh feel of the canvas...
The giddy excitement of peeling back the protective film...
Pulse racing as they pour out their first little bag of 'diamond' resins, shimmering and sparkling on the holding tray...
With the magic glue pen in hand, the tip goes into the wax, the tray gets a little shake and the very first diamond is picked up...!
'Pop'! It goes on to the canvas and a brand new love affair was born.

When you visit Heartful Diamonds, you step into a whole new world of Diamond Paintings that consistently aims to surprise and delight all customers. We have been helping suppliers find customers for this wondrous hobby for over 4 years and are proud to say we have a deep understanding of all the things diamond painting fans want. As you browse through our comprehensive selection, here's what you'll find