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Harmony Funeral Home in Brooklyn is committed to becoming an indispensable part of the community, and part of that means offering the most cost effective after death services. If you are the one dealing with the arrangements for a recently deceased loved one, or you are looking at pre-planning your own arrangements, you may or may not have heard the term direct cremation before. We will first explain what it is, and then talk about the benefits of direct cremation services.
A direct cremation is a dignified, compassionate, and inexpensive way to say goodbye to your loved one. It is the perfect alternative when you have overwhelming financial pressures that the death of a loved one can bring.

WHAT IS DIRECT CREMATION? The body of the deceased is cremated within a few days of death. The body is normally held at the funeral home and then transported to the crematory. No embalming or other funeral services are undertaken. The body is cremated in a simple container so no expensive casket is required. No memorial or graveside services. A memorial can be held with the remains of the loved one. Organ donation is still possible with this choice prior to cremation.

When you choose a direct cremation as part of your pre-planning you are accomplishing several things. You are taking the emotional and financial burden off of your surviving family.
They won’t have to make the difficult decisions about how much to spend on funeral services. They won't face the choice of what type of funeral services to use, cremation or burial. You know that your wishes will be respected.