H2O Services Flood Prevention Specialists

802B Wilson Ave
North York, ON M3K 1E5

24 hours

H2O Services is Toronto's licensed Full-Service Drainage Contractor. We specialize in the installations of Backwater Valves, Sump Pump Systems, Waterproofing and Sewer Valve Installation Services in Toronto & Markham. As such, we are the only full-service Residential Stormwater Management Organization (RSMO) dedicated to reducing the risk of basement flooding while protecting the environment. We have the experience and expertise to provide solutions to all forms of flooding in the GTA. Additionally, H2O Services help homeowners administer the City of Toronto Basement Flooding Subsidy Program when installing flood prevention devices. Now, H2O Services offers natural gas generators. Protect against power outages and keep your essential services working. Now your FLOOD-PROOFED! Get a quote TODAY! Save up to 80% on new Backwater Valves and Sump Pumps installations.
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