Green Gone Detox

Green Gone Detox
405 Madison Avenue, Suite 1100
Toledo, OH 43604
United States

Few detox brands can actually tout scientific data to back up their claims, but Green Gone Detox has the proof to support the effects. Studies have shown that Green Gone produces anywhere between a 215-330% faster rate of THC metabolization in the body. Developed and recommended by pharmacists, the all-natural detox regimen consists of only five ingredients to effectively remove THC from the system. St. John’s Wort, Sodium Bicarb, White Willow 15% Extract, Horsetail Extract, and Psyllium Husk each work together to accomplish separate goals within the body, safely speeding the body’s natural detox properties. No masking agents or unusual additives are used in attempts to cover up the presence of THC. With Green Gone, avid cannabis consumers don’t have to worry that their sample will contain THC after detox because each kit comes with medical grade testing strips to perform at-home testing before important screenings. Made in the USA at a GMP-approved, FDA-inspected facility, Green Gone isn’t only effective at removing THC, it’s also raised the quality and safety of products throughout the detox industry.