Golf Lessons with Trevon Branch

Golf Lessons with Trevon Branch
12811 W Custer Ave
Butler, WI 53007
United States

8AM -9PM

The famous soccer and robotics camps have taken on a new expertise. We have PGA experts advising our collegiate athletes on how to teach golf. You want to hit chip shots like tiger woods. You want to drive the golf ball like Rory Mcllory. Putt like Jordan Spieth. Hit those irons flush. Sweep the long clubs of the grass. Learn how to take a divot in front of the ball. Learn course management and strategy. Raise your sand wedge early to hit out of the bunker. Find a simple repeatable swing to score below par. Tee to green will be easy when you never miss the fairways. Effortlessly take the club back and learn how to release the clubhead unconsciously. Your backswing and follow-through will line up perfectly. Keep your swing on plane. Learn simple steps to swing long irons and wedges with consistency. Par 3 courses are a great way to begin your journey. We have a number of courses designed to help young players attain the perfect stance no matter where the ball lies. If the ball is in the rough, below your feet or above your feet we can show you where to position the ball in your stance. On a downslope or upslope will make little difference when you practice pitch shots and chip shots with our expert teachers. Golf lessons have never been so easy. We will help fit your golf clubs and make sure you have the perfect grip to allow you to swing the club effortlessly. Do you want extra distance? We can teach you how to shift your weight at the perfect time. Trevon Branch has assembled a group of golf instructors who specialize in each area of the game. Birdies, eagles and pars will be standard scores for any golf course. Perfect your short game Find out more at !