Global Citizen Joe, LLC.

175 Capital Blvd
Rocky Hill, CT 06067
United States

At Global Citizen Joe, we’re a family-owned company that knows that the impact made by coffee extends far beyond the breakfast table, and even beyond its seemingly magical ability to make tough mornings a bit more bearable. We consider coffee a symbol of international growth - both literally and figuratively - and we’re proud to source our coffee beans via partnerships with small farms in Indonesia and throughout the world. We’ve also consciously made ethical choices throughout our “middleman-free” supply chain, resulting in a fantastic cup of java you can feel genuinely good about savoring.

Global Citizen Joe, LLC coffee product line will be a result of an ongoing desire to provide the healthiest, most delightful products available. We are not only in the business of coffee but also creative thinkers as a company. We are offering our consumers the finest coffee brand that accompanies music and a comic book standing out of the box of your typical coffee company. Our featured product is 16oz bags of Coffee from Sumatra - Indonesia as well as great coffee from other countries. The company also adds a comic book series for young people and adults to promote reading, imagination, and adventure at the breakfast table.

The expectations of our business have always been realistic. However, we believe that by consistently providing the greatest and pure coffees, we will able to thrive in the coffee industry. That is why it is hugely important to ensuring that our coffee is properly checked at every stage.