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Miami Scrap Metal Recycling: Family-owned and operated
Miami is a fast-growing city, with a lot of new building and construction going on as the city’s population grows. And increased development means more scrap is being produced. That’s why GLE Scrap Metal has a Miami scrap metal recycling facility and scrap yard.

If you find yourself with a rising amount of scrap, don’t arrange to get it hauled off to a landfill –instead, contact GLE Scrap Metal, which has grown to become one of the Miami region’s premier recycling facilities.

This family-owned and operated business has years of experience buying all grades of scrap at the highest prices, and we provide service to individuals, businesses, and municipal governments.

If you’re looking to learn more about scrap metal prices, scrap metal pick up or scrap metal recycling, contact GLE Scrap Metal today so you can turn your scrap into cash.

If you’re a business connected to the Miami area’s fast-growing urban development projects and you’ve got scrap metal, we want to hear from you. We also offer containers to our customers for the convenience of storing their scrap.

And if you live in Miami and you’re working on some DIY projects at your home, call us today and let us know what kind of scrap you have available.

GLE also serves municipalities, whether it’s schools, area universities, local hospitals, government agencies, or the military. At a time when governments are making a major push to encourage urban recycling rates, then ensuring your scrap gets recycled sends a strong message.

At GLE, we maintain the highest quality standards in customer service and offer our valued customers the best prices for their scrap. Our friendly, helpful, and experienced team is committed to exceeding your expectations and building long-term relationships with our customers by offering top dollar for their scrap, regardless of whether they’re bringing us one pound’s worth, or scrap weighing over a million pounds.

At GLE, we have the tools, and the staff, to handle all your metals.

GLE Scrap is also committed to environmentally friendly service processing and recycling all base and precious metals. Our mission here at GLE Scrap is to maintain a zero-landfill policy for metals that are brought in for recycling. We’re committed to improving our environment, preserving our natural resources, and helping to conserve energy.

Together, our staff and customers have helped make GLE Scrap Metal one of the leading recyclers in the industry.

Services We Provide:
At GLE Scrap Metal, we purchase large volumes of materials for top dollar so it can be supplied to domestic mills and global end-users. We have a logistics department offering on-site pickup at your business using our fleet of trucks, and well-established relationships with independent carriers to help you get the most cost-effective recycling solution for your business.

We also offer 55 gallon drums and containers designed to meet the needs at your location, and our environmentally-friendly facilities have dedicated and experienced professionals ready to answer all your questions.