Give Your Callers Personal Attention by Hiring Kolaxo Answering Service Professionals to Receive C

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Kolaxo CCS is helping small businesses to engrave a good first impression when a customer calls at their helpline. We are giving facility that these businesses can outsource their customer contact center service to us and enjoy professional communicating with their customers to imprint a good first impression in their heart and mind. We have installed dedicated computer for each employee to ensure the security of your data. These computers have high specs to make sure high potency software and complex tasks are done easily. We are ensuring that each essential requirement is fulfilled so that the performance of our agents is not distracted due to deficiency of any electronic gadget. Our agents are team player. They don’t just focus on their individual performance but conduct regular coordination with other team member to highlight each other’s weak areas. Hence, a matrix of coordination is developed that ultimately improve the performance of complete organization. Our service allow business to have emergency on-call dispatching. We are providing urgent answering service that helps businesses to quickly response to the calls. Our agents divert them to the right department and provide valuable suggestion to minimize loses while concerned department reach the customer’s doorstep.