Get A Grip Counselling & Coaching

Get A Grip Counselling & Coaching
79 Anson Road , #21-01
Tanjong Pagar, 01  79906

If you're looking for the Best Psychotherapist in Tanjong Pagar, visit Get A Grip Counselling & Coaching. We are based in Tanjong Pagar, offering affordable counsellors in and around Singapore. We believe that every individual has the strength and ability to work towards a fulfilling and gifted life. Using the strengths-based and solution-focused therapy approach and working towards goals that are doable and achievable. We have been a counsellor/psychotherapists in a tertiary institution for 12 years. Before that, we worked with children and adults with special needs since 1992 as an educator and job coaches. We specialise in Depression Counselling, General Anxiety Disorder and many other Mental Health issues. Get in touch today.