G.A.S.S.H./Guardian Angel LLC

G.A.S.S.H./Guardian Angel LLC
6508 Avalon Ave
Saint Louis, MO 63130
United States

GUARDIAN ANGEL LLC AKA G.A.S.S.H is dedicated to Life coaching, aided with Reiki, Spiritual or crystal healing mediation. G.A.S.S.H. helps you to deal with everyday life situations with the activation, alignment, balance, cleansing, charging and unblocking the Chakras. G.A.S.S.H. also offer mentoring and resource services. G.A.S.S.H is a resource magnet partnering with other organizations throughout the surrounding Metro St. Louis City/CO area, to help assistance with job training, trade and placement, educational programs, legal assistance and housing assistance programs. G.A.S.S.H. is dedicated to helping individuals invest in their happiness, future and overall well being in life by the way of Coaching, Crystals and Mediation services.

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