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Garden design is the art and process of designing and planning any outdoor area. There are many different options when it comes to garden design. The size and style
of your garden will determine what options will be available to you and what work is required. A garden designer doesn’t necessarily
complete the work, they just provide the blueprint. Following on from that you may want to hire the help of a landscaper to get the job done.
Beautiful Garden Designs
Our garden designers will work alongside you to understand the boxes you want your garden to tick, and the aesthetic vision you have for it. Every family and every home is different, and so every garden is different. Some may want a family friendly garden free of steps, ponds and sharp corners, others may want a sleek, modern space to entertain guests. Whatever your demands, our garden designers will draw up a plan unique to your space
Our garden designer can put together a basic, to scale, 2D computer illustrated plan. This is a good way to gather an understanding and vision of how the design will work in relation to your space and the elements in your garden. As landscapers we are then able to complete the work and bring the plan to life.
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135 Billet Rd, Walthamstow,
Walthamstow LND E17 5DS
United Kingdom
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