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Omnicharge Inc. began as a research and development laboratory that worked on the development of batteries, mostly for electric vehicles. While researching, the team at Omnicharge realized that most battery backups for computers, smartphones, etc., were low-cost, low-quality commodities mass-produced to be a cheap, widely available resource for consumers. A gap in the market had been found. In 2019, a business started, producing better backup batteries and portable power supplies, and Omnicharge continues to perform research to further improve the technology over time.

Omnicharge products represent a welcomed change-of-pace in battery technology development. There are six battery models available of varying size, volume, voltage, and affordability, as well as a large power station - a “home base” that smaller batteries can be stored and recharged in. These are high-quality, high-performance products with optimized user experience via features such as multiple port types and wireless charging capabilities - a better alternative to the more commonly found cheap battery backups.

Omnicharge products are largely marketed as "power to professionals" - meaning for IT people, photographers, military pros, and digital nomads of all industries working outside of or between offices. However, they can also be used in the case of emergency or natural disaster, or recreationally. They make excellent traveling companions for hikers, campers, hunters, or anglers who are increasingly using mobile technology to enhance their outdoor experiences or improve their safety.