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Frage Garage
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Popular items like LPS - Euphyllia species (coral torches, hammers, frogspawn), SPS coral (acropora, montipora, serietopora) and soft coral (zoanthids, leathers, mushrooms) are primarily grown in our own facilities, so you only receive hardy, tank conditioned specimens. Buying aquarium cultured coral frags also minimizes the risk of unwanted pests and nuisance algae, which can sometimes hitchhike on the base or tissue of imported coral. When we do import coral, we employ a very thorough dipping, acclimation and quarantine process to ensure that the coral are healthy and holding good colour before they are made available for sale on the website. When we make coral frags from our mother colonies, we pay great attention to the shape, orientation and growth structure of every piece, ensuring that each frag grows out in the most natural way possible. It is important to be sure that every coral, regardless of placement, has thorough flow passing through every part of the animal. Some hobbyists prefer to know exactly what coral frag or colony they are receiving. We recommend checking the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) section on a regular basis to see our newly added stock. If coral frags are cut to order, we are happy to provide you with photos of your corals before we ship. If you are new to purchasing coral online in Canada, we assure you, our website and payment process is secure and safe. Whether you are looking for specific coral frags, coral torches, zoanthids, SPS coral, or just need a few tips, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We strive to provide the best and safest way to purchase online corals in Canada.
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