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What are Anti-snap locks? An anti-snap lock is a special device or arrangement of parts designed to prevent their quick removal (theft) by locking the padlock shackle in place. What do they look like? The devices that we supply and fit your padlocks come with a unique coding designed to identify any known potential threat, such as removing tools, tools used for attacks on these locks (i.e. drills, grinders, etc.) so that any attempts made can be identified immediately at the time of attempted theft. This will allow an owner/occupier time to seek prosecution against anyone who may be attempting / successful in stealing from them. As we believe it's better to have a lock and not need it than to need one and not have it, we also supply these anti-snap locks at a very reasonable cost. How “anti-snap” do locks work? The anti-snap devices are designed to prevent the padlock shackle from being removed by any quick method such as cutting or snapping off. These can be loaded into the device in different ways so that depending on how it's configured means there's no way you could remove the device without making noise which would alert people nearby that they should check out what is going on. This can make the difference between someone breaking in and an occupier being alerted enough to catch them. Because of this, anti-snap locks are also popular with businesses and outside of buildings. Whilst it will stop people using bolt cutters to remove the lock, it won't stop someone from breaking a window or damaging a door to gain entry but it will at least alert an occupier that there is something wrong going on in/or around their premises. This lock is very useful for homeowners which are conscious about their security.