Finest automotive repair services

4 Gunya St
Regents Park, NSW Owner

Monday to Friday: 8.00AM to 5.00PM Saturday: Appointment only

At Boltorque Automotive, we always make sure that our clients are pleased with our greatest automotive repair services. Our team of qualified mechanics are automotive experts who also happen to be avid enthusiasts. We are always able to deliver top-quality work to our clients. 

We are reputable and also one of the best and top-ranked automotive repair providers in town. We serve vehicles ranging all the way from logbooks to heavy vehicles, including: logbook services, fleet servicing, LPG servicing, brakes, steering and suspension repairs, tyre repair and replacement services and clutch repairs.

Here at our auto workshop, courtesy cars are also available for our clients. WE provide our customers with another car until their vehicle gets fixed.

We know that our customers’ satisfaction is what keeps them coming back to our workshop and their trust gives us the boost to continue delivering exceptional quality service.

Boltorque also offers professional and efficient commercial and private vehicle repair services for every make and model. We provide the greatest logbook services for all types of vehicles.

Our experienced mechanics will examine your car's steering and suspension system and they will repair or replace the system if it is essential.

We are an accredited LPG service provider; we also install first-class mechanism to preserve our servicing standards and to satisfy our clients.

Dennis Fourtounis