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Feriado Resort
Feriado Resort Tadvai: Village: Tadvai, Mandal: Mandal: S.S.Tadvai, District: Mulugu, 506344.

24 Hour

Remarkable levels of service, limitless wellness, and unlimited experiences are what you get when you check in. Tadvai is where nature is; each of our 30 rooms offers a view of ancient trees, lush mountains, and serene landscapes. Whether you gaze at the sunrise from afar, drench in the earthy scent of petrichor, or stroll along the forest, Tadvai is the perfect scenic retreat for visitors seeking the ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation.With its unique setting in nature, Tadvai from Feriado offers an activity centre and a kids’ play area that’ll entertain working professionals and the little ones alike. Our resorts offer a comfortable yet productive stay.