Fast Charging Forklift Battery

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Find the fast charging forklift battery solution in South Africa at Orizen Group. Visit our website for more information about the fast charging forklift battery and Access battery chargers for forklifts, get in touch with Orizen Group today.

The Access battery charger is a powerful, energy efficient battery charger that efficiently and accurately converts AC power to the proper DC power levels required to precisely charge an industrial battery.

Access battery charger can be set to perform both conventional charging and various levels of opportunity and fast charging through six different pre-programmed charge curves.

The Access battery charger can easily be programmed to perform a variety of functions, including auto start/stop control that constantly monitors the condition of the battery and automatically compensates for variations in battery temperature, age of the battery, and the battery’s condition.

Batteries can be equipped with battery monitoring units (BMUs) to allow multiple battery sizes, voltages, and types to be charged by the same Access battery charger without reprogramming between charge cycles. The BMU wirelessly communicates with the Access battery charger to enable optimum charging regardless of the battery type and condition.

Data can be downloaded wirelessly into the Service Tool battery and charger data analysis software.

The Access battery charger has a backlit LCD display with adjustable brightness and contrast for ease of viewing in a variety of lighting conditions.

Because batteries need to be equalised on a regular basis to ensure maximum life, the Access battery charger’s auto-equalise feature allows for the programming of equalise cycles for a specific day of week, or by number of complete charge cycles.

The advanced control of the Access battery charger provides other energy saving options such as charge block-out periods. You can also program it to charge batteries for up to an hour before the start of the workweek, as some self-discharge may have happened over the weekend.

Every Access battery charger is equipped with a radio transceiver to communicate with other chargers and a host computer.