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Fablestreet Lifestyle Solutions Pvt Ltd
Shop premium western wear clothing for women - online in India at Fablestreet. Get Fits Like Nothing Else with Premium Fabric, Easy Returns & Exchanges, Free Shipping, COD Available.

FableStreet began in 2016 determined to unite style and fit. While we could have changed in numerous ways from that point forward, one thing that remains center to the FableStreet reasoning is our devotion to Fit. We accept that a lady ought to have the option to wear polished garments without thinking twice about fit, as well as the other way around. What's more, this way of thinking and mission like center assists us with accomplishing a 40% better fit on standard sizes.At FableStreet, we completely comprehend Indian body shapes and sizes. Before we sewed our most memorable piece of clothing, we met more than 200 ladies to grasp the shared traits and uniqueness of different shapes and sizes of Indian body types. Our examination showed that all western-wear and work wear brands in India, including Indian brands, are utilizing European size graphs for Indian bodies, regardless of huge contrasts. Indian ladies are more limited and curvier than our western partners. Our experiences, in the knowing the past, were self-evident and shockingly unaddressed. We have consistently acknowledged as a brand that regardless of how enthusiastically anybody attempts, the uniqueness of each and every human body can't be normalized. Consequently, the best way to find an ideal fit for each lady must be accomplished by giving custom-made fit.

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