Eyewear Store & Eye Hospital

Nayanam Opticals & Eye Clinic
Stadium Shopping Complex, Kannur, Kerala 670001

Monday to Saturday 9: 30 - 7: 30

Nayanam Opticals and Eye Clinic, Kerala's first full-service Eye Hospital and Eyewear Store in Kannur and has sites around the state. In addition to other optical products, it sells eyeglasses, sunglasses, reading glasses, and contact lenses. We employ highly trained Opticians, Ophthalmologists (Eye Specialists), and Optometrists who utilise cutting-edge technology. Nayanam Opticals and Eye Clinic, Kerala's First Opticians, was established in 1977 in Kannur, Kerala, and is now one of the state's main optical retail stores. We are the prominent all branded Eyeglass provider & Eye Hospital in Kannur.

Nayanam Opticals & Eye Clinic