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A Vision for the future

ExpoBazaar is a B2B e-commerce platform that connects India’s rich heritage art with buyers around the globe. It is a one-stop destination for all of the merchandising requirements of small artisans, merchants and suppliers. Being a subsidiary of India exposition Mart limited (IEML) which is a trendsetter organisation for all B2B projects in India, ExpoBazaar focuses on enabling Indian sellers to showcase their products to international markets uninterruptedly. Consequently, we bring the international markets as close as just one click away for the sellers so they don’t have to wait for trade meets, exhibitions or conferences to represent their art and craft.

ExpoBazaar understands that now more than ever, there is an immediate requirement for Indian sellers to have an e-commerce platform support them and their heritage as physically travelling to these markets can be a difficult task for most sellers. Since we are an online platform, we are a 24/7 available market that is open to buyers internationally which further enables sellers to conduct successful business with them.

Indian art and its revival

Art and culture resides in India’s very core but it has been gradually disappearing as a result of modernisation. However, it can be revived using the same modern methods smartly and the only way to attain its revival and receive this worldwide recognition is by giving our sellers an opportunity to showcase their art and craft.