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The temperature setting of the heater can affect the performance of a space heater when used in the home. If you have a room that is larger than 380 square feet, it is recommended to buy multiple space heaters and place them around the room. The smaller rooms require less input and heating power to keep warm. An additional tip is to always set your thermostat as high as you would like it regularly during daytime hours then turn off your air conditioning system before going to bed at night or leaving for work during the day as these systems are very large consumers of energy used mostly for cooling purposes and could be turned off when not needed (unless of course if someone has a health issue and must remain cool) which will save on your monthly bills and help to be a little more environmentally friendly. When purchasing space heaters, you must get one that is large enough for your needs. If it is too small then the heater will constantly have to work harder to keep your home warm which can cause damage or shorten the life of the unit (which defeats its entire purpose). A good rule of thumb when purchasing a new heater is to make sure it has at least as high an output as that used in your old heater so you don't end up disappointed if what you thought was going to be great turns out much weaker than expected. The temperature setting may vary according to its size and condition. The temperature is usually set at 120 degrees Fahrenheit for small residential heaters and this setting should be left alone unless you know what you're doing. If your home has a gas-fired water heater, it will have a thermostat located near the middle of the tank.