Everest Base Camp Trek

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Kathmandu, Nepal
Kathmandu Nepal

Mount Everest Base Camp Trek is the best trekking journey to the iconic highest peak of the world and is a once in a lifetime trekking journey to the nearest point of the highest point of the earth. It is the most thrilling and adventurous trekking journey in the whole world. This trek has been covered by most of the trekking lovers and trekkers from the different parts of the world.

The Everest base camp is the gateway to reach the Mount Everest, the highest peak of the world to everyone who wants to climb the highest peak. This trekking trail is famous for trekking which holds a very long history of glory and pride along with various tragedy too.

This trekking journey is the dream for millions of trekking lovers around the world. Every trekking enthusiast wishes to go for Everest Base Camp trek at least once in a lifetime. This trekking journey passes through the magnificent views of green vegetation, Himalaya series, beautiful local Sherpa village and tradition of Nepal. You will also learn about the amazing and friendly Sherpa people who are well known in the whole world for their capabilities of climbing.

The major excitement of this trekking adventure begins once when the flight to Lukla takes off. The wonderful feeling of visiting the highest peak of the earth itself is a great feeling which cannot be compared with anything else. The amazing passes through the beautiful hills, lush green forests, and the beautiful Khumbu glacier. This trekking journey provides the most amazing feeling that stays fresh in your memory for your whole life.
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