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Being a working professional in and around Cyber City and Cyber Hub in Gurgaon, you must be used to tiring schedules and we care for that.
The love for coffee is widely popular among people with such a lifestyle. Talking about Coffee Cafes near Cyber Towers, Gurgaon, there are amazing coffee makers out there. Nevertheless, we at Espresso Drive are emerging as the Best Coffee Shop near Cyber Towers, Gurgaon.
What are the associated benefits of Coffee?
Coffee is love, undoubtedly accepted by most of us. But even the more attractive qualities of coffee make an endless list. According to studies and researches, coffee boosts your energy and refreshes you, along with helping you in coping up with stress. Moreover, it comes with remarkable qualities such as reducing the cancer risk, protecting your liver, and protection against Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia.
How we established and emerged?
We started our coffee-making journey on the occasion of Valentine’s Day, 14th Feb 2019. Since then, we have been striving towards serving all the coffee lovers in Gurgaon in the best way possible.
With the Espresso style of coffee making derived originally from Italy, we try to present the best of every coffee variant before you. In this style, we force a small amount of nearly boiling water under pressure through finely-ground coffee beans. Since the brewing process is typically done under pressure, the coffee contains a concentrated amount of flavours and taste.
What differentiates Espresso Drive from others?
One of the qualities that makes us the Best Coffee Shop near Cyber Towers, Gurgaon is our affordable and attractive menu. Our beverages menu ranges from the unique espresso to the creative coffee latte. Apart from a wide range of coffee, we also offer other refreshing beverages as well that don’t let you feel tired and down.
On the menu card, these Beverages include Hot teas, Cold Coffees, Mojitos, Shakes, and much more. Additionally, we also offer a range of eateries that perfectly complement your coffee. These include various sandwiches such as Cocktail grilled sub, spinach corn sub, garlic bread, nachos rive, and many more. We also have desserts such as Chocolate truffle, Chocolate Brownie, Red Velvet, Choco Chips cookie, etc.
Thus, we keep into account everybody’s interests. Virat and Indu, the minds behind this venture, have been bestowed upon with the art, baking skills and the zeal of exploring the coffee interests among the common public.
How is the Ambiance?
What do you expect the most when you are enjoying a mug of coffee? Or probably while working alongside the coffee? The feel, surroundings, and tranquillity. Because this is what coffee is meant for. We have just the right ambience for you among all the Coffee Cafes near Cyber Towers, Gurgaon.
The interior designing has been done by expert designers which offer just the right type of mood that complements your coffee. These days, many startups or other ventures draft their basic ideas on a coffee table. Therefore you can also come with your friends and discuss your projects and work over coffee, or come alone to introspect with a wholesome coffee of your choice.
Espresso Drive awaits your visit soon.
So you can experience the best coffee drive with Espresso Drive at MGF Metropolis, MG Road, Gurgaon. Come, celebrate the moments of life with us. You can easily get here as it is situated just next to MG road metro station. Get to know about our loyalty programs and meet our friendly staff. You will always cherish and feel lucky to have discovered one of the best Coffee Shop near Cyber Towers, Gurgaon.
With a clear motive, goal, qualities, and your love, we are bound to become one of the best Coffee Cafes near Cyber Towers, Gurgaon.
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