Erecycler LLC

11067 Petal St
Dallas, TX 75238
United States


Providing Expert & Honest Service Since 1999
eRecycler, LLC is an electronics recycling and data destruction service provider. We service the North Texas area, although we extend our reaches across state lines. Our recycling services are unique in that we manually dismantle our recyclables and generate absolutely no waste or toxins when doing so.
eRecycler hard drive shredders will shred your hard drives to NIST standards at the rate of 1200 units per hour! At the client’s request, we may also bring one of our mobile hard drive puncher to crush the hard drives on-site at your location and then transport them to our facility to later be shredded.
All of Erecycler electronics recycling and data destruction services have the option of asset tracking that suits your asset management needs.
We are open to the public Monday thru Friday for any of our services. We also proudly serve businesses, corporations, municipalities, churches, schools, communities and individuals.