Emil Kogan Realtor and Licensed Builder

Emil Kogan Realtor & Licensed Builder
29226 Orchard Lake Rd Suite 230
Farmington Hills, MI 48334
United States

Open 24 hours

Throughout my 10 years of serving my community while operating a successful business, I’ve developed a passion for helping people. That passion has moved me into a different direction as a licensed realtor and a licensed builder. This role allows me to work closely with clients to help them make sound decisions with home ownership. I devote my time to making the purchase or sale of my clients’ home my biggest priority. My knowledge and experience as a builder, affords my clients an extra layer of reassurance in the quality and the scope of work that the home may present.
One of my passions is finding ways to better the community. To this end, I have partnered with Lighthouse of Michigan to help them further their mission. Lighthouse MI has been a staple and a leader in providing housing, food and shelter for those in need. 10% of my commission on every transaction will go directly to Lighthouse MI. For more information about Lighthouse MI, click tab at the top of this page.
It would be my pleasure to assist you with all your real estate needs. Give me a call today.