Electronic Components Distributor

SIC Electronics is a worldwide distributor of electronic components with high quality control. Strict quality control, rapid response to customers’ needs and the provision of 100% high-quality products have always been the company’s service tenet.
In a bid to better serve global customers and provide them with more favourable and convenient delivery service, SIC Electronics has set up a great number of offices all over the world. Taking full advantage of various regions, the company responses to customers’ demands in time and brings them efficient and high-quality service, in the combination of its own inventory and market dynamics.

The products and industries currently involved in the company consist of military industry, automobile, medical treatment, consumer electronics, industrial control, Internet of things, new energy, communications, etc. We not only provide customers with products and service, but also offer them relevant peripheral cooperation. If you have products to sell or you are troubled with some product-related problems, please feel free to contact us. Moreover, we have our own warehouses, top-level quality control talents, senior purchasing staff, a great many of in-depth cooperation factories and contract partners of global trade logistics, and so on. We take pleasure in sharing our resources with customers, with an expectation to achieve win-win cooperation.

With a view to facilitating the cooperation with customers, our procurement department and quality control department are dominated by veteran employees with nearly 20 years of industry experience. They are endowed with a deep cognition of markets, products and industries, and are fully conversant with industries’ dynamics. By virtue of the company’s excellent ISO quality management system, other departments support the above two departments at various posts in an auxiliary way, and work together to provide customers with high-quality and efficient service.

We have been implementing the company’s goal: to grow together with customers, to build corporate social value and to realize employees’ personal dreams. We look forward to working jointly with responsible enterprises and achieving common goals and pursuit with aspiring purchasing staff!