Ekak School of music art dance

Ekak School of music art dance
Khandagari - Jagamara Krishna Garden Complex. A-20

Ekak School of music art dance believes that performing arts has a place in all levels of education and offers all ages the opportunity to get the same qualifications.

We are dedicated to train the artists - musicians - students - Performers and teachers of tomorrow by giving them the tools of performing arts they need to succeed today's performing arts world in a believe that music study - art study - dance study - examinations and qualifications should be practical, flexible and fun for students and teachers alike.

We have mission

Of teaching Art - Drawing - Painting - singing - musical instruments - Classical Dance and western dance Of Teaching performing arts & Nurturing Talents in the City & neighborhood.

To arrange - compose - record and promo their talent of performing arts.

To Offer performing arts courses for various needs of performing artist & to guide students to attain their excellence in their theoretical & practical knowledge of performing arts.

Himanshu Panigrahi