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If you are searching for East facing house Vastu plan, you have come to the right place. After getting a good response from the home buyers for our West-facing house Vastu plan, we were requested by many to provide a Vastu plan for the East facing house. Therefore, Dr. Ganesh Dubey himself has curated the Vastu plan for an east-facing house.

This article is divided into various sections covering different Vastu plans separately. In the first section, we will briefly discuss the East-facing house Vastu plan. The second section will sketch the idea of east facing house Vastu plan with a pooja room. The 30×40 east-facing house Vastu plan has been included in the third section. The third section has incorporated the plans to conduct pooja in the east-facing house. And, the last section presents different drawing plans for the east-facing house.

There is no single best Vastu plan for every house out there. Just as no two people can have similar fingerprints, similarly, no two houses can have the same Vastu plans suited best for both. Vastu of houses entirely depends on various factors. These factors include locations, used materials, direction, etc. To build an entirely Vastu-compliant house, you need to consult with an expert in Vastu Shastra.

He will lay down the exact Vastu plan by observing all the factors carefully. One such person is Dr. Ganesh Dubey. He has been consulted by several real estate developers and property owners to provide the guidance to develop Vastu-compliant properties. You can also ask for the guidance of Dr. Ganesh Dubey through the contact information given on this contact page.

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